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Dream Closet - Organization

A closet should, ideally, be something that makes your life simple. Whether it's a tiny space or a large walk-in, should be where you can find all the things you need on any given day — clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other random accessories. It's supposed to be something functional that makes storage easier. Keeping a closet clean and organized is about one hundred times harder than it seems. One day you've got a spotless space that makes you feel a lovely zen feeling, and then you have a few mornings where you don't know what to wear, and things start to get messy. You promise yourself you'll straighten up later, but then instead you go shopping and add more items...

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What is a handmade shoe?

The difference between the real handmade and the fake one. This is one of the most difficult question.  What is a handmade shoe? The definition can be subjective, but we have to start with it. Handmade usually doesn’t mean 100% handmade, in term of using machine sanders, skivers, sewing machines, machine produced parts. Entirely handmade doesn’t exist in that way, and even if we would made that… The quality would be… Let’s say “crafty”. On the other end of this line is the full machine produced shoe, when hand only come to picture when they control machine. So this is the scale, and somewhere we have to separate this to entirely handmade, semi-handmade and “so called handmade”.

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